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A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Starter Pack (Preorder)

RM 595.00

by Edward Sri

This is a preorder item. Kindly check with us delivery dates before ordering.

The words, the gestures, and the rituals of the Mass are rich in meaning. A Biblical Walk Through the Mass explores the extraordinary biblical roots of the Liturgy and reveals what it all means and why it all matters. This fascinating tour of the Mass will renew your faith and deepen your love for and devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

Filmed at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, this 10th anniversary edition of A Biblical Walk Through the Mass is newly revised and updated.

This Starter Pack contains everything a leader needs to begin A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Study, including:

  • DVD Set
  • printed copy of the Workbook (a combined version of the previous Leader’s Guide and Student Workbook)
  • Access to the online Workbook
  • Online videos on Thinkific
  • A Biblical Walk Through the Mass Book

This Starter Set is essential for someone who wishes to lead a small group and would also like the DVDs.

Imprimatur granted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.