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The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation, DVD Set (Preorder)

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by Jeff Cavins

In these twenty-four videos Jeff Cavins provides an in-depth explanation of the Bible and salvation history.

These videos are just one part of the program. The Bible Timeline Study Set contains the study questions, responses, and talk notes needed for the study.

Videos included:

Finding the Story in Scripture
Early World, Part 1
Early World, Part 2
Patriarchs, Part 1
Patriarchs, Part 2
Egypt and Exodus, Part 1
Egypt and Exodus, Part 2
Desert Wanderings
Conquest and Judges, Part 1
Conquest and Judges, Part 2
Royal Kingdom, Part 1
Royal Kingdom, Part 2
Divided Kingdom, Part 1
Divided Kingdom, Part 2
Maccabean Revolt
Messianic Fulfillment, Part 1
Messianic Fulfillment, Part 2
Messianic Fulfillment, Part 3
The Church, Part 1
The Church, Part 2
The Church, Part 3