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Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

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In this modern version of St Louis Marie de Montfort's consecration, John Pridmore walks us through the life changing experience of consecrating our hearts to Jesus through Mary.


St Therese of Lisieux says there is an elevator that leads us directly to heaven, which many believe is consecrating our heart to Jesus through Mary.

The late Holy Father, St. John Paul II stated that this consecration was a “turning point” in his life, and said “This Marian devotion has since remained an integral part of my interior life and of my spiritual theology”.

I believe that this devotion is truly life changing and brings us to a deep foundation built on the rock of Christ. It protects us in this world of spiritual warfare and helps us to understand our gifts given by God the creator. After completing this consecration myself, God has used me more powerfully and more completely than I ever thought possible. It has helped me to know Jesus in ways that would only be possible through the loving gaze of His mother. Mary has since become a constant companion in my spiritual life, leading me deeper into her Immaculate Heart. - John Pridmore