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Man Combo : Pure Manhood + The Hidden Battle CD + Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity Straight Talk to Men 3 CDs set

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Pure Manhood

Young men deserve straight answers to tough questions about women, dating, sexuality, and authentic masculinity, including…

  • What do girls want?
  • How far is too far?
  • What’s wrong with just thinking about it?
  • What’s wrong with porn? You’re not hurting anyone.
  • What if it’s just a swimsuit magazine?
  • If she’s willing to do it, why is it wrong?
  • What about safe sex?
  • Shouldn’t I be free to do whatever I want?
  • How do I stay pure

Pure Manhood answers these questions and more, while offering practical strategies to help young men to grow in the virtue of chastity.

The Hidden Battle CD

Is it possible to break free from porn? Conquering the habit of lust isn’t merely a decision. It’s a lifestyle. Arm yourself with the weapons needed to win the hidden battle.

Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity - Straight Talk to Men 3 CDs set 

by Christopher West

3 CD Audio - CDs are packed in plastic packaging sleeve.

In Winning The Battle for Sexual Purity: Straight Talk with Men About Love and Life, Christopher West addresses the struggles in the area of sexual purity and lust that many, if not most, men face on a regular basis.

West explains how the devil takes what is most sacred and good and makes it profane through creating a distorted picture and offering it to the culture. This is why Satan particularly attacks woman: because in her bearing of new life she reveals the very mystery of God.

Beginning with a study of the two Adams, West explains why the first Adam failed to love his bride rightly and turn to God for hope and healing, while the second Adam (Jesus Christ) loved his bride (the Church) rightly by giving up his life for her. West explains how the mission of every man is to lay down his life for woman, which will bring meaning and purpose to his life and give woman her due glory.

Through the context of his own candid story and struggles in this area as a young man, West closes by offering a practical battle plan for not only avoiding lust, but actually experiencing a victory in viewing others purely. He shows how we can transform the view of woman as an object for selfish gratification to a deep and lasting view of woman as a glorious creation of God.