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Prophets: Messengers of God's Mercy [Online Video Access]

RM 35.00

In this 10-session video study program, presenter Thomas Smith examines who the prophets were, their role during their time, and the meaning of their messages for our own time. 

Videos Included:

  • Introduction to the Prophets
  • Hosea: Living God’s Love Story
  • Jonah: God’s Reluctant Messenger
  • Isaiah Part 1: Prophet of Woe
  • Isaiah Part 2: Prophet of Consolation
  • Jeremiah: The Broken-Hearted Prophet
  • Ezekiel: God’s Watchman on the Wall
  • Daniel: Faithful to the End
  • Haggai and Malachi: Messengers of Hope
  • New Testament and Modern Prophets: Messengers of the New Covenant
Videos are approximately 50 minutes long.